We are as multifunctional
as our packagings

Flexibility in all processes

Best product and best service: This is the commitment the BEUCKEGROUP makes to its customers. It allows the company to respond to the latest market requirements and successfully implement them. Our top priority is to continuously develop our corporate culture, quality management and technical facilities – always with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.

As an integrated system partner for high-quality print finishing and processing of flexible packaging, BEUCKEGROUP develops and manufactures according to the state of the art. From printing and lamination to encoding – our high-quality services align with the requirements of our clients. In doing this, we advise project partners individually with regard to the requirements of your market. We will find the best solution together.

Gravure printing

Gravure printing was developed in the 19th century from copperplate engraving. What makes this process unique is that it offers the option to print different thicknesses of ink layers within one printing type, and is therefore able to create different light or dark colour values. Because this method takes a lot of effort, it is usually only considered for products with very large print runs.

In the packaging sector, gravure printing plays an important role in the production of paper, plastic or metallized film packaging. Whether PET, OPP, paper or compounds – we will print up to eleven colours on your materials.

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing was developed from earlier book printing. It is known as a direct relief printing method. Unlike gravure printing, the printed areas lie higher than the unprinted areas. The method is considered a technically highly developed printing procedure whose primary advantage is its flexibility (this is also what it is named for). Flexographic printing has a particularly large range of format variability with a high transfer of ink, and is mainly used on materials that cannot be printed with another method.

We use flexographic printing mainly for packaging materials made of  plastic (PE, PET, PVC, PS, PP, PC, metallised film) and paper.

Ongoing processing

The BEUCKEGROUP is a leading system partner for high-quality print finishing and a contact for unusual client requests in the drinks, food, non-food and cigarette industries. 

Lamination, encoding, applications, folding, die cutting or embossing – we will bring your content into unison with an appealing look and feel and we guarantee an exclusive and professional end product.

We process packaging for a large number of products on three Duplex Laminators – solvent-free, energy-saving, environmentally friendly. Our high-end machines make it possible to laminate quality compound materials for flexible packaging, such as gummy bear bags. Laminating the film increases its stability, guarantees it as protection (e.g. from dirt and damp) and heightens its durability for use.

Advantages: No air pollution from solvents, no danger of fire or explosion, no solvent residue in the materials, lower production costs.

Barcode labels, numbered codes and labels with QR codes: Coded labels play a role in many commercial sectors as barcode stickers. But codes can be applied to more than just stickers. We can place your code on inserts or bags. Alternatively, it is possible to add a code to the printed sheet. BEUCKE creates QR codes (static or dynamic) connected to the information you specify. 

Advantage: Once, product lists were consulted or prices typed into the register, taking up a lot of time. Now, simply scanning the barcode is enough to save all the information to the PC.

Thanks to its special equipment, BEUCKE is able to precisely apply hot melt strips in a production line’s direction of movement. This hot melt application is used for sealing packaging materials and allows for easy opening in the hot melt area.

Advantages: Despite the fact that the sealing layer provides a firm seal, the hot melt strip ensures easy opening for the consumer. 

BEUCKE can apply cold seal materials to packaging for a wide range of applications. These are mostly used for temperature-sensitive products, to avoid transferring heat into the packaging system during the sealing process. Whether it’s for paper or film packaging, BEUCKE has the right cold seal for every material.

Advantages: The cold seal seam is easy to open, and special cold seal materials also allow it to be resealed. The cold seal offers a reliable means of sealing your products at the same time. 

If you want to create an exclusive product that creates an “Aha!” moment, then BEUCKE offers you its film embossing technique for print finishing. This very optically appealing finish is attained by using an embossing stamp that is heated to at least 80°C, depending on the film and paper. Pressure and heat bind the film to the paper.

Advantage: This process creates both visual and tactile contrasts. Depending on the film, the effect can appear as shiny metallic, matte or shimmery mother-of-pearl.

For example, die cutting is technically necessary for attaching a tab for gluing, for inserting segments or for many other functional designs. By using specially made forms, BEUCKE cuts shapes into the manufactured print product, from company logos to unique and unusual models. 

Advantage: Die cutting forms can also be processed further, so die cutting is a highly variable option for finishing – there are just a few limits to creative ideas.

Highest quality

Our work is highly automated in all print departments. However, this high level of automation is no substitute for our excellently trained specialist staff. Our expertise, our experience and our optimum task management allow us to complete your printing order in the shortest amount of time.

Quality assurance

We meet the high quality requirements in the tobacco and food industry with QS-certified procedures that guarantee smooth, safe and high-quality processes in order processing and handling.

These include for example hygiene certification for food safety according to BRC, certification for controlled action in forestry (FSC) and certifications according to ISO 50001 for quality and energy management.