Creative, cooperative.
Even under pressure.

BEUCKEGROUP – packaging meets innovation and tradition

With almost 260 years of tradition and history, the BEUCKEGROUP is one of Europe’s leading groups in the area of finished, flexible packaging. Family-run since the very first day in 1757, now in the eighth generation.

BEUCKE stands for continuous innovation and development, facilitating long-term strategies for our clients and ourselves. We’re here for you every day with reliability and flexibility, and with great passion and understanding as well.

We are a German “Mittelstand” (medium-sized) company with long tradition, the right partner with the suitable know - how and develop tailor-made products in the highest quality for you.

You can find out more about the history of the BEUCKEGROUP on our history page.

Year of foundation

(Headquarters: Dissen in the Teutoburger Forest)

Export countries

million turnover (approx.)
in 2020


Gravure printing 6 Gravure printing machines,
up to 10 colours
Flexographic printing 2 flexographic printing machines,
up to 10 colours
Ongoing processing 4 Laminators
4 punching machines
13 rotary punching machines
If you stack the paper and foil consumption as A0 sheets, the tower would be 10 X as tall as the tallest building in the world


Stapelt man den Papier- und Folienverbrauch als A0 Bögen ist der Turm 10 X so hoch wie das höchste Gebäude der Welt


staff (approx.)

staff (approx.)

Nations within

Passionate about individual and innovative flexible packaging solutions since 1757

Our Customers

Keeping up with the times and realizing the possible - for the best product, the most detailed advice and our individual service. We are happy to strive for this, because our goal is to offer the best possible solution for our customers and thus actively support them in their business success. At Beucke Group, it's the results that count.


In addition to the highest-quality technology, print quality is always determined by the skill, passion and dedication of the people who operate it. We see ourselves as a strong partner with high quality standards for the best possible solutions. The satisfaction of our customers is our daily motivation. We are committed to this. Daily. Reliability makes us strong.


As a family business, we see ourselves as a loyal partner for our employees. We challenge and encourage them with great pleasure, because we are a team, that's who we are. That's why it's also important to us to pull together and create collective experiences through constructive interaction - both professionally and personally.

Environment & Society

As a company with over 260 years of history, constant change is our constant companion. We always keep an eye on our environment and our society. This includes the sustainable use of resources as well as the commitment to our fellow human beings. We think in generations - also for the future.

Our mission


Appearance and quality

Our innovations make our products and services successful on the market and awaken enthusiasm thanks to their appearance and quality.

Continuous process optimisation

Our mission is to create sustainable packaging for our customers. We are committed to continuously improve and scrutinise our own processes in order to successfully retain and satisfy our customers.

Employee development

We see it as our duty to our employees to challenge and promote them to the fullest extent possible. We do this with a lot of joy – we are a team, that’s what makes us so special.

Our vision 2025

Our vision is to maintain our tradition and values as a family business and to lead the group of companies successfully into the future with innovations, our customers and services, as well as our employees.

BEUCKEGROUP presentation

Our company presentation will tell you everything you need to know about the BEUCKEGROUP, our tradition, sustainability and our services.