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BEUCKEGROUP – optimal shelf-life for cigarettes and tobacco products

Shaped by decades of experience, the BEUCKEGROUP successfully supplies the cigarette industry with a wide variety of products in the field of flexible packaging. Our broad product portfolio includes inner frames, inner liners, stand-up bags, pack and bundle wrapping. Thanks to our wide range of machinery adapted to the cigarette industry, we are able to manufacture very high-quality products for our customers, which leave nothing to be desired.


Taste is this product’s greatest asset. To ensure that the end consumer notices and appreciates it, the BEUCKEGROUP uses high-tech materials to maintain the high standards of our customers’ products.

Vapour barrier

A vapour barrier prevents the permeation of vapours to the product contents and from the product contents to the outside. This important protection ensures that your end consumer will enjoy your product to the fullest. After all, our aim is to preserve branded products thanks to our high quality standards and those of our customers.

Oxygen barrier

An oxygen barrier prevents the permeation of gases such as oxygen, so the product contents remain fresh and full of flavour for a long time. We want to ensure that our products preserve the chain of good taste. Our contribution can be found at all steps of production, from manufacturing and production in the tobacco fields to supermarket shelves.

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Oliver Beucke

Manager Sales Tobacco

Robin Gehrmann

R&D Manager Packaging