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Looking to exchange with start-ups!

Start-ups meet German “Mittelstand” (medium-sized companies)! 

On 1 January 2018, the BEUCKE GROUP  joined the Pioneers Club in Bielefeld and became a part of the start-up culture in OWL. In Bielefeld, you will find young companies from all sectors that want to lead their product to success, from chatbots to food stories. Over the 260-year history of our company, we have often had to reinvent ourselves, but have remained true to our principles. 

The coworking space in the Pioneers Club  boasts an impressive open and communicative environment and is used as a platform for new ideas within the BEUCKE GROUP.

BEUCKE sees the advantage of exchanging experiences with young companies that are full of ideas for new projects. Thanks to the many years of experience of our company, we will  develop many  innovative products and ideas together – not only in the field of printing & finishing but also in many others.

Aside from the numerous events, it is always possible to simply sit together in small groups, to get to know each other or to receive customers on site for a creative exchange outside of production.

We are very happy about the opportunities that the Pioneers Club offers us.